• What is Art Therapy?

    Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art materials to express emotions. It is through the creative process and the interaction with the different art materials that people explore and get to understand their emotions and circumstances.

  • Why would one use Art Therapy?

    Sometimes it is difficult to express and explain certain experiences and feelings by using words. Art Therapy, with the help of a trained art therapist can provide an avenue for exploration by the use of different materials and their specific textures and characteristics.

  • Who is Art Therapy for?

    Art Therapy can be used by people of all ages and different gender and in many different settings.

  • I am not good at art, can I do Art Therapy?

    There is no need to be artistic or good at art to do Art Therapy because the aim is not to produce a masterpiece but to express yourself. At the beginning this may seem daunting because you are not used to communicating through art. However, with the help of an art therapist you will soon be able to relax and feel more comfortable.

  • What does the art therapist do?

    The art therapist provides a safe, secure and confidential space where the exploration of feelings and issues could be explore through the art process. The art therapist is a professional trained in both art and psychotherapy.

  • What are the benefits of Art Therapy?

    Art Therapy can help with a wide variety of issues including mental health problems, traumatic experiences, bereavement or abuse. However, Art Therapy can be used as a way of self discovery, to improve self esteem, to improve emotional and mental well-being or to relieve stress or tension.

  • How long would the therapy last?

    This is determined by each client's personal circumstances. Generally speaking, we will meet for 12 sessions and then consider if there is a need for further sessions.